OLIVIO & CO guarantees that the eyewear you purchase is free from manufacturing defects (material or workmanship), as well as damage to the frame that occurs during normal use. "Normal use" does not include damage caused by harsh or negligent events around the sunglasses (such as being run over by a car, or intentional abuse or damage to the frame). It's important to note that our warranty policy covers only one warranty replacement per pair of glasses purchased.


This warranty does not cover: scratches on the surface of the glasses; defects caused by accidents, misuse, negligence, shock, improper product use or storage; unauthorized modifications or repairs; any issues related to normal wear and tear. However, if there is a manufacturer's manufacturing defect or a failure occurs during normal use, we can provide coverage for you.


Lenses are the most fragile part of a pair of glasses, and if you store them improperly or clean them excessively, all lenses can be scratched. Therefore, we cannot provide warranty for them. For lenses, we guarantee that there are no material or manufacturing defects (including detachment, bubbles, black spots, delamination, coating peeling - if your lenses encounter any of these defects, please contact us via email).


How to Claim Warranty
Please contact our customer service email at e-service@olivioandco.com at any time within 13 months from the date of purchase. As part of the warranty assessment, proof of purchase will be required. And provide a brief description of the issue or service you are requesting. Depending on the issue, the frame or the defective component will be replaced or repaired.


If glasses are returned within the warranty period and OLIVIO & CO finds that the damage is caused by material or manufacturing defects, we will repair or replace it at our discretion and return it to the sender. If the damage is not caused by material or manufacturing defects, additional repair fees may be required. In this case, you will receive a notification of the additional charges via email.