How To Tell If Your Sunglasses Are Really Protecting Your Eyes?


Got yourself some new shades? Cool! But don't let the coolness fool you – they gotta shield your eyes from the sun's UV rays. Not all sunglasses make the cut, whether they're vintage, pocket-friendly, splurge-worthy, or polarized. Let's break it down:


Oldies Not Always Goodies: Vintage vibes are great, but old sunglasses might not have the UV protection you need. Modern ones embed it in the lens, not just on top. Reputable brands shout about it on the label.


Decode the Label: Check for a label bragging about 100% protection against UVA and UVB or UV 400. If your shades aren't shouting this out, they might just be for show.


Doubtful Duo? Test Them: Uncertain about your shades or those cute kiddie ones from the web? Take them to an optical shop. Quick, free, and takes less than 30 seconds – a photometer test will spill the UV protection truth.


Remember, those sunglasses are not just for striking poses; they're your eye's bodyguard against the sun's sneakiness. Keep it shady, but in a good way! 




Big bucks aren't necessary for UV-protective shades, but here's the lowdown you should have


Dark Doesn't Mean Safe


Don't be fooled by the darkness. Those super dark shades might ease the squint but open up your pupils, letting more UV rays in. It's like inviting trouble – cataracts, macular degeneration, and even rare ocular melanoma.


Polarization ≠ UV Protection


Polarized lenses are cool for cutting glare, but they don't automatically block UV rays. Check the label for the real deal – a combo of polarization and UV-blocking power. Also, peek at lens color, darkness, and coatings.


Wrap It Right


Going outdoors a lot, especially near water? Grab wrap-around sunglasses, check the wholesale glasses frames. They shield from sneaky side-entry UV rays and keep the annoying dry wind out. They don't have to break the bank; they just need to snug well. And hey, this rule applies to the kiddos too!


It's not about the price tag; it's about the protection tag. Keep those eyes covered, stylishly and smartly. 


Listen up, folks! Dr. Jeff Pettey, an eye expert from the University of Utah Health, drops some wisdom: Slap on those shades whenever you step out, and yes, don't forget the kiddos. Sunglasses aren't just a style move; they're the eye's version of sunscreen. Cloudy or sunny, it's your health shield – so, shades on, always!

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