How to clean sunglasses


Keeping your sunglasses in top shape is key for eye protection and clear vision, whether it's summer or a sunny day in any season. Sunglasses shield your eyes from those pesky UV rays and ease the strain caused by glaring sunlight.


Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty of keeping those shades spick and span. We've got 6 straightforward steps to clean your sunglasses without risking any harm to the frame or lenses.


Ready? Let's roll.


The best way to clean sunglasses in 6 easy steps


Step 1: Rinse your sunglasses


First up, let's kick off the cleaning spree with Step 1: give those shades a good rinse. Grab a hand sink or basin, flood your sunglasses with lukewarm water. This washes away the grime and oils, making it a breeze to tackle the stubborn stuff later on. Quick tip: steer clear of hot water—it might mess with your lenses and their fancy coatings.


Step 2: Apply mild soap


Time to lather up with a touch of mild soap. Dab a bit of gentle dish detergent or hand soap on each lens. And here's the drill – no direct contact with the bottle nozzle to dodge scratches. Steer clear of household cleaning stuff; they pack a punch of chemicals that spell trouble for your lenses. Stick to the mild soap squad.


Step 3: Clean your frame & sun lenses


Now that you've got that soapy goodness on, it's finger workout time. Gently rub both sides of those lenses with your magical digits – fingers and thumbs, that's the A-team here. Work up a bubbly lather, then shift focus to the temples (those arm things) and your nose pads. They're the hotspots for dirt since they cozy up to your skin. No need for any bristle brush or rough cloth – they're troublemakers. Strictly hands-on duty!


Step 4: Rinse your sunglasses


Now, let's tidy up those hands – wash off any soap residue. Grab your sunglasses by the temple ends, and let them dance under a stream of lukewarm water. Make sure to bid farewell to every last bit of soap; otherwise, you'll be stuck with smudges down the road. Clean and clear is the goal.


Step 5: Shake off the water


Let's keep it smart in Step 5. Before laying your sunglasses on a clean, dry surface, give them a gentle shake to ditch any extra water. And here's the golden rule: hands-off those lenses to dodge any smudgy situations. Smooth moves for a spotless finish!


Step 6: Wipe your sunglasses dry


Dry hands first with a separate towel, then bring in the microfiber lens cloth for the grand finale. Gently wipe down every nook and cranny of your lenses and frame. Leave no stone unturned, ensuring all water and leftover spots from earlier steps are history. Voila! Your sunglasses are now pristine, no smudges or grime in sight.

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